(⁀ᗢ⁀) Hi! Call me moto.

Commission me!
So it turns out that my laptop is apparently perma-out of commission, and I’m not sure if I can get a new one. I’m using an old spare for the past few weeks. Giveaway is still going as planned but commissions & digital artings will be a bit slow in coming u_u We’ll see!!
I’ve been working in traditional media a lot lately though, and it’s refreshing! I need to figure out how to use the scanner downstairs soon….

these have been in my drafts for a while

Reminder that preorders for my HTTYD2 charms ends on Aug24th!! You can get them on my storenvy, please check them out! 


I’m still trying to figure out how i want to draw these two

used mostly prisma-color pencil crayons, various fine liners * faber-castell artist pens


dump from sketchbook 



Frost his nose and he’ll fry your fingers, Jack… ( ;; ’ v ‘)a

Hi!! I cut-off the anon-msg a bit (I hope you don’t mind) but they asked for (Kaito hair) tips so I tried to come up with some.

I hope this was helpful


1.5x5 Zexal Bookmarks for AX YAAAAAA

Repost cause tumblr was down the first time!
Repaint (touchup?) of this Kaito illust for a 6x8 Print for AX!